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Raizers is a funding platform that allows you to raise funds from a community of 45,000 individuals and professionals investors, in France, Switzerland, Belgium* and Luxembourg, thanks to authorizations** issued by local financial market authorities.

*However, unlike other markets, the platform is not authorised to provide investment advice to Belgian investors.

**Participatory Investment Advisor by the AMF in France, Alternative Financing Platform approved by the FSMA in Belgium.

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Funding Agreement

Receipt of funds ~ 1 month


Nearly 200 operations


Average fundraising:


€100M funded
in 2021

Property dealer, developer, Raizers assists you in the financing of your operations :

  • Mezzanine debt to complement the bank
  • Refinancing of operations
  • Financing of works
  • Real Estate Bridge
  • Sale with repurchase option

Through its subsidiary Raizers Transactions, Raizers also provides support for the commercialisation of your assets.

Bonds as a financing solution...

Raizers finances real estate operators through the issuance of bonds (debts) at rates from 7% to 12% per year for a limited period of time, ranging from a few days to 36 months maximum.

Raizers represents all investors and is your sole contact.

... for real estate professionals.

Before analysing your financing request, our prerequisites are the following:

Developers who have successfully completed similar transactions;

A loan carried by a company registered as a joint stock company (SA or SAS) that can be created specifically for the operation.

The Raizers Journey in 25 Days

Pre-selection of the operation

Our team has provided you with a funding application tool to gather all the information needed to assess your project. In this way, we can determine whether or not it is possible to fund your project.

Please fill in the following form with all the information needed to evaluate the eligibility of your funding project.

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step 1

Signing the contract

If your project meets the Raizers prerequisites, one of our financing account managers will contact you within 5 days maximum in order to contract our services.

Raizers charges a variable fee based on the amount and the length of the loan. Raizers may also charge a fixed fee of up to €8,000/CHF upfront, depending on the estimated time required for the financial and legal structuring of the operation.

step 2

Due Diligence

Once the contract is signed, Raizers financial analysts conduct an in-depth study of the operator's profile and financing request, allowing them to evaluate its viability and suitability. An exhaustive list of documents, listed in the contract, must be provided:

  • Elements related to the borrower: identity document, resume, track record, etc.
  • Economic elements: operation brochure, commercial supports, etc.
  • Financial elements: latest balance sheets, business plan, cash flow forecast, etc.
  • Legal elements: organization chart, extract from the trade register, articles of association, shareholders agreement, leases, compromise, building permit, etc.

This audit leads to the production of a summary note within 5 to 15 days, which enables the Raizers Investment Committee to issue a final proposal for the legal and financial package (rate, maturity, possible guarantees associated with the loan).

step 3

Legal documentation and uploading the operation on the Raizers platform

In less than 48 hours, our advisors and our Raizers lawyers will prepare the commercial and legal documents that will allow our investment advisors to carry out your fundraising:

  • Presentation content and memorandum of the transaction
  • Drafting of the regulatory documentation
  • Subscription form
  • Bond contract
  • Guarantees
step 4

Fundraising and payment
of funds

Depending on their type and the amount to be raised, our operations are financed in minutes, hours or days.

An investment advisor is dedicated to your fundraising. He or she is responsible for monitoring subscriptions and providing investment support. He/she also runs the online forum where interested investors can ask questions.

Any investor must be registered and have declared his identity before being able to access to the details of each deals on the platform.

At the end of the fundraising process, we paid out the funds that have been escrowed into an account opened in your company's name with our approved payment service provider MangoPay SA, a subsidiary of the bank Credit Mutuel Arkéa.

If the goal is not reached, all investors are reimbursed by Raizers.

step 5

Investment Monitoring and Investor Repayment

Once funded by our community of investors, you contractually commit to keep them informed quaterly of the progress of your operation (progress of the works, state of the commercialisation...). You will receive a quarterly reporting request that you must complete and return to us. The Raizers team will then provide information to the investors.

Raizers assumes band repayments including taxes (flat tax and tax statement).

The Raizers team will then provide information to the investors.
step 6

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